Déjà Vu: The Titanic Returns 100 Years after its Disastrous Sinking

By Mark Lerner


The academy award-winning film Titanic has just been re-released to the public in 3-D. James Cameron – the film’s director – just went to the lowest depths of the ocean about two weeks ago, and he will host a CSI-like scientific investigation of new facts in a roundtable of experts on the National Geographic Channel airing on Sunday night April 8 (to be repeated April 9 as well as April 14 and 15 – the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the supposed unsinkable ship).

Many of my clients and students have asked me to focus on the Titanic once again. I wrote a cover story around 1993 in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine linking the 1912 Titanic sinking to the precise start of World War I two years later with the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Compared to that 1993 feature, there is now a more precise-timing mechanism for the Titanic sinking. At the end of this article, you can click on a weblink to see a color chart for the place in the North Atlantic and at the exact time the iceberg struck (which was the ship time of 11:40pm on April 14, but converted to GMT which was 2:38am on April 15).

Here are the extraordinary keys to understand the symbolism of this historic disaster and tragedy.

Juno in Sagittarius is the only stationary body and rising. Juno connects to the ritzy, elegant lives of the super-rich on board, but Juno (negative) is atmospheric storms or raging emotions and jealousies (represented by hitting an iceberg in a misty and moonless sky, and the following frantic fighting concerning who survives on the limited number of lifeboats). Juno stationary on the Eastern horizon also stands for the need to primarily save women and children – both major Juno archetypes since this ancient goddess ruled feminine themes as well as childbirth.

The rising sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (the largest planet and associated with large-scale events – including catastrophes), but Jupiter is retrograde and having just gone into the 12th house of the unknown and mysterious. One way to interpret this is that Captain Edward John Smith (born January 27, 1850) of the Titanic is not accurately seeing the Big Picture (Jupiter) of the iceberg just ahead because Jupiter is in reverse and located in the hard-to-decipher 12th house. And using the advanced system of astrological midpoint analysis we have in the 21st century, it turns out that the Juno/Jupiter midpoint = the Ascendant at the moment the ship strikes the iceberg.

And, from the Western side of the chart, the Saturn/Neptune midpoint = the Descendant or setting point of the horizon. Thus the rising pair of Juno/Jupiter and the sitting pair of Neptune (waters and ocean and sea vessels) and Saturn (bad timing; fear) places all four celestial bodies impacting the Eastern and Western Horizon – the primary “culprits” intensively destroying the ship and killing all those people. You will also see Pallas setting (and thus at the midpoint of all four celestial bodies just mentioned) – with Pallas, in this placement, signifying the captain’s inability to solve the problem of saving the Titanic from sinking.

Notice the ancient god-of-the-seas Neptune in the 8th house of death – representing the confusing several hours where people and the ship are sinking into the ocean, with approximately 1500 dying by drowning and hypothermia out of the total of 2,233 passengers and crew. In viewing the chart, you will see that Neptune in the 8th house of death and secretive psychic forces exactly squares the fateful and destiny-oriented Lunar Nodes (with Neptune at 21+ degrees of Cancer, and the Lunar Nodal Axis at 21+ degrees of Aries and Libra).


What was totally unknown in 1912 was (a) Pluto in Gemini not yet discovered fills in a nearly precise T-Square triangle with rising Juno and the Moon below in Pisces; (b) by the time of the sinking, the Moon had just squared Pluto, and gone void; (c) and, in an extraordinary example of our 21st century greater depth of understanding, the far-out planet Eris (located way beyond Pluto) was conjunct the Moon in Pisces.

Eris was the Greek goddess who cursed the parents of Achilles for not being invited to their wedding and feast. She led the Greeks to the Trojan War. Thus, Eris – when dynamic and strongly placed – stirs up wars, particularly big ones.

In my cover story from 1993, I discussed that the symbol of the Titanic sinking in 1912 was the precursor to European civilization falling into and creating a World War two years later. The smoking-gun proof was as follows:

The Crowning of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day 800 A.D. in Rome, Italy at Noon – considered by many professional astrologers as the birth of European Civilization – has the South Node of the Moon at 5+ degrees of Cancer. The South Node of the Moon has always been considered a weak, vulnerable and karmically-sensitive point in any birthchart. 1111+ years after 800 A.D., when the Titanic is hit by an iceberg and sinks, transiting Mars is at 5+ degrees of Cancer — exactly impacting the South Node of the Moon from the birth of European Civilization. Then two years later — when the Archduke (heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne) is assassinated in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, known as the shot heard round the world that precipitated the First World War on July 31 – Aug. 1, 1914 – the transiting Sun was at 5+ degrees of Cancer (June 28, 1914).

Thus, in synthesis, the South Node or weak and vulnerable, “fate” point of the year 800 A.D. Crowning of Charlemagne as birth of European Civilization = Mars at the sinking of the Titanic = the Sun at the Archduke Assassination that triggers World War I.

I have watched 5+ degrees of Cancer in the zodiac in other instances and know that it is often a dangerous and volatile degree. Ironically, it is America’s Jupiter from July 4, 1776. And transiting Pluto at 5+ degrees of Capricorn has just spent 2011 opposing 5+ degrees of Cancer several times, and that precipitated the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, mainly over “Titanic” Greek debt – highlighting, of all places, the relatively small country of Greece (home of Eris, the spurned and rejected goddess that started the ancient Trojan War).

It is noteworthy that the red planet Mars (the traditional ruler of war) at the Crowning of Charlemagne was at 20+ degrees of Libra – exactly linked to the Titanic fateful Lunar Nodal Axis.

The Moon for European Civilization is 23 Pisces (where Mercury has just stopped in the sky now, as the film is re-released in 3-D) and the Titanic Moon was 25 Pisces, so that – relative to the birth of European Civilization – there was a Lunar Return in Pisces on the night the Titanic sank. And, of course, Pisces is the last water sign of the zodiac – often signifying compassion, empathy and sacrifice.

Transiting and still undiscovered Chiron (wounds; twilight zones of strange time; déjà vu experiences; issues of immortality – supposed unsinkable ship – and mortality, particularly of the famous, some of the “gods and goddesses” as the super-wealthy elite of the 1912 epoch*) during the Titanic sinking, at 9 degrees and 33 minutes of Pisces, is only 2 minutes of arc away from Jupiter at the birth of European Civilization. And transiting Chiron this year is exactly back there to 9+ degrees of Pisces because Chiron has an approximately 50-year cycle, and it is now two 50-year cycles since 1912.

*From www.answers.com here are 5 of the super-wealthy who died in the sinking of the Titanic:

Celebrities that died on the Titanic include:

– American millionaire John Jacob Astor IV.
– Irish businessman Thomas Andrews, who had overseen the ship’s construction.
– American millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim.
– American owner of the Macy’s department store, Isidor Straus, and his wife, Ida.
– Canadian railroad president Charles Hays.

It is a chilling reality to see these kinds of connections – using charts from 800 A.D. and 1912 A.D. – 1111+ years apart and working with astrology over all those years and bringing it into our current reality in 2012 (another 100 years since 1912). Plus – we even had an eerie déjà vu type event on Friday the Thirteenth in January of this year when the Costa Concordia ran aground and capsized off the northwest coast of Italy – with a loss of 30 lives out of 3,229 passengers and a crew of 1023. The many photos of the ship – that flooded the multi-media at the start of this year – evoked memories of the sinking of the Titanic 100 years ago. This tragic event in the Mediterranean Sea happened on the rare day when Mercury was uniting with underworld-ruling Pluto and while Venus was uniting with ocean-ruling Neptune, as well as during the monthly Moon-Mars union – often a symbol of volatility, violent death, and reckless actions.

In conclusion, read this quotation from a story about the Costa Concordia and tie this in to the sinking of the Titanic 100 years earlier as well as the start of World War I in Europe in 1914, and the birth of European Civilization in 800 A.D.:

The name Concordia (“concord” in English) was intended to express the wish for “continuing harmony, unity, and peace between European nations.”


A Special Closing Note about Captain Edward John Smith: A careful look at his birthchart from January 27, 1850 shows a stunning connection to major planetary positions at the sinking of the Titanic. The contacts are so strong that it is fairly clear that, in many ways, his energy-field is a giant synchronistic cause of the disaster (along with the original sailing of the ship from Southampton, England, shortly after Noon on April 10, 1912 when the Moon was in a severe void placement at 30 degrees of Capricorn).

The reason much blame connects to the captain’s birthchart is due to the following. At the moment the Titanic hits the iceberg, transiting Uranus in Aquarius (shock waves; surprises; the unexpected bolt out of the blue; topsy-turvy conditions) is exactly due East on what is known as the Anti-Vertex. This is the captain’s exact placement of Pallas (his ability to be a problem-solver and strategist). In addition, he is a Sun-sign Aquarius and thus immediately enters a state-of-shock due to his Sun-sign ruling planet Uranus being precisely East.

Meanwhile, he is born with a retrograding Jupiter in Virgo – just like transiting Jupiter being in reverse at the time of the sinking – and his Jupiter is exactly opposite the Moon in Pisces from the birth of European Civilization while his Jupiter is exactly on top of America’s Neptune (oceans) from July 4, 1776 – highly significant because he never makes it to New York City in this historic sailing as he drowns at sea and “goes down with the ship” (negative Neptune). Furthermore, his Saturn at 4 Aries is the identical placement with transiting Venus at the sinking and his natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction (a highly provocative and intense union) from 22 Aries to 26 Aries exactly encapsulates the potent Sun – Mercury retrograde conjunction at 24 – 25 Aries at the time of the sinking. One could go on with other cosmic connections, but the information above is sufficient to demonstrate that the person “in charge” of keeping the Titanic safe from harm became incapacitated in his important role by celestial influences that short-circuited his normally excellent sailing and leadership skills.


Copyright 2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.



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