Solar Flares Bombard Earth This Week


Solar Flare

The Strongest Solar Flare (an X5 Class) in 5 Years Occurred on March 7 and Struck our Magnetic Field on March 8 with a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME): As most of you know, we are about to hit a peak in an 11-year Sunspot cycle in 2013. Several solar flares happened this past weekend, but a giant one happened late on March 6. The “plasma particles” struck Earth’s magnetic field on March 8 — with potential disruptions to high radio frequencies, power grids, GPS and satellite systems. The strongest ever recorded was in 1859 — when only the telegraph system was established. Now we have almost everything electronically and technologically connected, so if the Sun were to blast us too intensively, the Mayan prophecies might just prove correct…Update:Two more solar flares (both coming from the very active Sunspot #1429) exploded today — March 10. They will be sending more waves of CME particles to influence our magnetic field over the next few days and in concert with Mercury making a station at 12:49AM PDT on March 12 and turning retrograde for 3 weeks. A recent article in The New York Times attempted to diminish the importance and influence of even an X5 class Solar Flare, but the other question may be this: How does our Earth’s magnetic field assimilate a series of intense CMEs when they happen with increased frequency? Just because an explosion on the surface of the Sun doesn’t appear to reach an extreme level of “X-Class Magnitude” doesn’t mean that we are not going to have some kind of accumulated distress in our electronic-technological grids and systems. For more on all my work, please visit  Many Blessings, Mark Lerner — Publisher


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