Tim Tebow: It’s Not Jesus or God, Just Astrology

Tim Tebow: It’s Not Jesus or God, Just Astrology: Cosmic Dossier on highly religious QB for the Denver Broncos reveals (a) he is born at

Book Cover of Tim Tebow Bio

the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987; (b) he is a natural-born leader with Sun in fiery Leo and Moon in fiery Aries; (c) he has 9 celestial bodies in a fire Grand Trine and 3 celestial bodies in a water Grand Trine — revealing an attunement to creative envisioning of success; (d) his Moon is approaching & probably conjunct Jupiter that is close to a station in the sky (positive indicator of “divine providence” and 11th hour “miraculous saves”); (e) transiting Jupiter has recently returned for him, and currently — during his major winning streak with Denver (7 of 8 games as a starter) — Jupiter in the sky has been gradually came back toward his natal Jupiter; (f) he was drafted by Denver when the Sun was conjunct his Jupiter, and the Moon was illuminating Leo (where he has a Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mercury quadruple union); (g) the religious controversy comes from his natal Neptune closely square his fateful-destiny oriented Lunar Nodal Axis, with recent transits of iconoclastic Uranus and transformational Pluto igniting this configuration; (h) regarding his double-T initials, the letter “T,” from the Hebraic Tau, stands for a cross or transcendental gateway to the Absolute, as in a crucifixion and resurrection in Christianity. [Click on his color birthchart below — time unknown — to see his archetypal astro-patterns.]
www.marklernerastrology.com/shop/images/TebowTimWRKCI6.GIF Sincerely, Mark Lerner – Publisher


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