The Dawn Spacecraft Orbits Vesta

Part II of the Mundane Astrology Feature

By Mark Lerner

As America appears to be careening toward a national debt-ceiling crisis that could alter our status as the world’s number one economic power, and as sovereign debt problems plague various European nations, something has been occurring in the solar system that few people on Earth have recognized.

The Dawn spacecraft – launched on September 27, 2007 – is about to arrive at the brightest asteroid Vesta tomorrow (Friday July 15), begin to orbit this ancient goddess of home, hearth, safety and security, and spend a year taking high-resolution photographs of this enigmatic celestial body that is about 330 miles wide.

It is hoped that our astronomers will find out why Vesta is so bright, whether it has magnetic properties, what is the darkened area around its equator, and all kinds of secrets about its elemental make-up – helping us determine some of the mysteries of the creation of our solar system.

Not Just Any Asteroid

Along with Ceres, Pallas and Juno, Vesta is one of the first four asteroids to be discovered (between 1801 and 1807). It was Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers who discovered Vesta on the evening of March 29, 1807 when the asteroid was located at 29 degrees and 01 minutes of the sign of Virgo. This zodiacal placement will play an astounding role in the history of humanity ever since as I will explain as we move forward in this article and Part III. [It is noteworthy that 5 years earlier – in 1802 – Olbers also discovered the asteroid Pallas.]

Discover of Vesta (Chart)

As explained in Part I, Vesta’s archetypes and qualities are not just associated with home and hearth, safety and security, but with a high range of themes concerning insurance rates and coverage, soul-sister relationships and sisterhoods, the Eternal Flame (signifying the life-force of ancient temple magic, city-states, tribes and nations), protective agencies (like the police and fire departments, and emergency/ambulance services), secret and arcane organizations (such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, and even the KKK and Nazis), embassies, “turf wars,” and – last but not least – the Investment Community (including stock, bond, real-estate, precious metal and commodity markets).

As Above, So below…

The ancient axiom of spiritual astrology – coming from Hermes Trismegistus of ancient Egypt – is As Above, So Below, what’s true in the greater universe or macrocosm is reflected in truth in the smaller universe or microcosm.

With Dawn gradually approaching Vesta during these past few weeks, the debt-ceiling crisis in America – threatening to destroy our AAA-credit and AAA-bond ratings – has been akin to a tsunami wave of financial disaster, bringing with it the potential for a global investment cataclysm.

When Voyager II arrived at Uranus in late January 1986, the Challenger space shuttle exploded. [Uranus – when negative – rules aviation, shock waves, and technological breakdowns.] When Voyager II then swept past Neptune in the summer/fall of 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, Germany was reunited, the Communist tyrant of Romania (Nicolae Ceausescu) was toppled from power, and the Soviet Union began to dissolve. [Neptune – when negative – rules dissolution, chaos, and the shadow sides of Communism.]

For decades I have watched our space missions with excitement – simultaneously realizing that as each human-designed craft reached a planet, the themes-archetypes-qualities of that planet would be revealed in dramatic fashion throughout our lives on Earth.

The United States Secret Service

To reveal the crucial importance of Vesta in all of our lives, I am also including the Noon chart for the birth of the United States Secret Service from July 5, 1865. In an odd coincidence or synchronicity, the legislation that would create the USSS was on President Abraham Lincoln’s desk on the night he went to Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. (April 14, 1865) when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.

Secret Service (Noon Chart)

Our Secret Service was originally founded to combat counterfeiting due to the large number of banks, producing vastly different types of currencies, during and just after the Civil War. This battle against counterfeiting is strongly associated with the investment/financial theme of Vesta.

Later on – after the assassination of President McKinley – the Secret Service became much more involved in protecting (another major keyword for Vesta) the life of the president as well as the first family.

Shocks to the System

When President Lincoln was murdered – because he did not choose to have his replacement bodyguard close by in the second half of that evening’s performance of Our American Cousin – the largest planet in the sky, Jupiter, stopped its direct motion at 29 degrees and 01 minutes of Sagittarius, precisely squaring the discovery placement of Vesta at 29 degrees and 01 minutes of Virgo.

On that fateful evening in our nation’s capital, the planet of acting as well as nebulosity – Neptune – was right on top of President Lincoln’s natal Vesta in Aries. Meanwhile, later in 1865 – within 24 hours of America’s annual Solar Return – when the Secret Service was commissioned inside our Treasury Department, the asteroid Vesta returned to its discovery placement in the last degree of Virgo from March 29, 1807.

Therefore, perhaps more so than any protective agency in America, the Secret Service acts as a supreme agent of Vesta and needs to make absolutely sure it preserves, protects and defends the people we elect to high office.

In Part III

There is much more to this story, and to what the Dawn mission in the asteroid belt will be telling us about the real nature of Vesta as well as the destiny and fate of our global investment community within humanity – not to mention the pertinent themes of housing values, foreclosures, interest and insurance rates, and national safety and security measures.

In addition, I will show how President Kennedy’s assassination (when Vesta exactly opposed the USA Uranus, and was involved in a rare Pythagorean Triangle) was linked to the shadow side of Vesta, the failures of the Secret Service, and the life and death of President Lincoln.

Furthermore, a series of dates coming up during the next few months will be presented, when transiting Vesta and/or other celestial bodies are most active – especially in the charts for America (now experiencing transiting Vesta in Aquarius square its natal Vesta in Taurus), President Obama as well as other world leaders who need to make sure they stay well-protected during the volatile economic/investment environment that is taking hold on Earth at this time.

For more information on the Dawn mission to Vesta and eventually on to the largest asteroid Ceres in 2015, visit (and go to the section on Current Missions).

Update on Sunday July 17: NASA confirms today that Dawn is indeed orbiting Vesta. This is the first time any spacecraft from Earth has moved into an orbit around an asteroid. In the meantime, the American and European financial/investment debt crises are reaching a critical stage while in Germany, Japan has just defeated America in the FIFA World Women’s Soccer Championships. Sisterhood is perhaps the most heart-centered and natural essence of Vesta as a universal principle. Thus, as humanity’s technological skills bring us to the doorstep of illuminating the ancient mysteries associated with the Vesta archetype, two sisterhoods in sports faced off in a spectacular finale broadcast live around the globe, and — with this event — synchronistically taking place in the nation where Vesta was originally discovered!

©2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, LTD. All rights reserved.


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