Your Natal Astrological Sun-sign & Celestial Bodies at Birth Have NOT Changed!

Your Sun-sign and Sign Placements of the Celestial Bodies in your Natal Chart Have Not Changed!
Apparently — a few days ago — an astronomer from a Minnesota group tried to make it seem as if we professional astrologers doing our work in the Western Hemisphere are completely confused because the constellations have moved, and dates are different, etc.

The problem here is that astronomer’s ignorance of the two different kinds of zodiacs used — one Sidereal or Constellational (primarily used in India) and our Tropical one (primarily used in America and Europe) — based on equally dividing the year (starting at the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere) into 12 components of 30-degrees of space.

Our zodiac is really the Earth’s electro-magnetic field and I can assure anyone who has had a chart done by a reliable professional astrologer using our Tropical Zodiac — using accurate birth data (month-day-year of birth; time of birth; city and state of birth) — that the Sun-sign you have always had is still your Sun-sign, and all the familiar celestial bodies — in whatever signs they have been placed within your chart wheel — have not changed.

The astronomer in question is mixing up star groups and constellations — which may not all be equal to 30-degrees of space — with how we equally divide our scientifically accurate zodiac in the West.

Every so often, an ignorant astronomer — who has never made a clear, focused, and in-depth study of astrology — tries to toss this kind of ridiculous, bogus, monkey-wrench into the astrological realm — because most astronomers believe astrology is a pseudo-science, which it is not.

It is a shame that so many equally ignorant news media — particularly FOX News, in this case — ran with this story, embellished it in a silly manner, and that the story was then taken up by other media sources.

Now professional astrologers have to speak up once again and reveal that it is actually the ignorance of modern astronomers that keeps causing them to not understand how scientific and remarkable modern astrology actually is.

Extra Note: By the way, all of our scientifically accurate Sun-sign and Celestial Body zodiacal placements in Western Astrology come from — the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), connected to California Institute of Technology and NASA. And the US Naval Observatory and the Royal Greenwich Observatory in England use the same data from the JPL that astrologers use in their creating a joint publication that is called The Astronomical Almanac. We know what we are doing in calculating dates, times and cycles correctly. And this is especially true if one utilizes the indispensable book entitled The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2000-2100 at Midnight, Michelsen Memorial Edition — published by Starcrafts Publishing in New Hampshire.

Thanks for reading this…Sincerely, Mark Lerner
Publisher — Earth Aquarius News


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