Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (Dem. – Arizona) Shot Jan. 8 (With Updates)

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — representing Arizona’s 8th District in Congress — was shot and critically wounded this morning (Jan. 8, 2011) outside a Safeway supermarket in Tucson. At least 5 other people were killed and many wounded by a man said to be 22-years old.

She is a so-called Blue Dog Democrat, Jewish and married to an astronaut (Mark Kelly).

She was born on June 8, 1970 in Tucson, represents the 8th Congressional District in Arizona, and today is the 8th of January. 8 is a key number of power, will and intensity. It is associated, in the zodiac, with the 8th sign of Scorpio — ruling over death and rebirth.

Using a Noon birth time (time unknown) — but placing the Sun on the Ascendant — gives us the best type of chart when a time is not available.

She is born with the following very close-to-exact midpoint complex: Mercury/Neptune = Vesta. Her Mercury in Taurus opposes Neptune in Scorpio within 6 degrees, but her natal Vesta in Leo is almost precisely at the midpoint between Mercury and Neptune.

Any T-Square Triangle in a birthchart has enormous power — for good or ill. Vesta at the fulcrum gives it a special significance. Vesta = Sisterhoods; the Eternal Flame; investments; insurance; home and hearth; and — most importantly — safety and security themes as well as “turf wars” as in the Arizona border struggle concerning illegal immigrants.

Now the reason this nearly exact midpoint complex at her birth is extra significant right now is that (a) Vesta has just opposed her Gemini Sun (in the last couple of days, when she was sworn in for her third term in Congress) and (b) transiting Neptune was within 2 minutes of arc (or 1/30 of 1 degree of the zodiac) of opposing her Vesta.

Translation? Transiting Neptune is creating a temporary Grand Cross (think Crucifixion) in her life — composed of natal Mercury in Taurus, Vesta in Leo, Neptune in Scorpio, and transiting Neptune in Aquarius.

Since she is 40 years old and about to turn 41 in June, she is about to experience what every person on the face of the Earth goes through between ages 40 and 41 — Transiting Neptune square Natal Neptune.* And because her birth placement of Neptune is so involved in the midpoint complex with Mercury and Vesta, Gabrielle Giffords was a very visible and vulnerable figure to anyone wanting to commit a malevolent act — striking out against her, possibly women and Jewish people in particular, as well as a governmental representative simultaneously. [*Neptune square Neptune often brings in a 1 or 2 year cycle of confusion, chaos and nebulosity as each individual turning 41 seeks to get back on their higher-destiny, spiritual path while sorting out all the tricky illusions, temptations, addictions and relationship problems usually afflicting someone entering their 40s.]

There is much more here — astrologically — sadly to say. Although I have not seen an exact time of this morning’s shooting revealed yet in the media, using an estimate of 10:30am to 11:00am will reveal Jupiter-Uranus (Big-Shock) rising in Pisces opposite Juno in Virgo (disempowerment of a woman) in a T-Square Triangle to Mercury and Vesta directly above (signifying National Safety/Security themes as well as Business-Trade-Communication themes). Note: A recent update on this story at TheNYTimes Online indicates the time of the shooting was probably closer to 10:00am. The T-Square mentioned in this paragraph is still prominent, but even more telling is that in the 15-minute time-period after 10:00am, the Moon was rising and Vesta was culminating in Tucson. This helps to clarify the motives of the one assailant — that the focus was the urge to strike out at a prominent woman (Vesta) representing vast emotional & collective power (the Moon rising).

The fact that the asteroid Vesta is extremely prominent in Rep. Giffords’ birthchart and that Vesta was directly above at the shooting confirms the importance of this asteroid in this violent act.

She is also experiencing Transiting Saturn almost precisely 150-degrees to her Natal Saturn while Transiting Jupiter & Uranus are also very close to being 150-degrees to her Natal Jupiter. To have the two biggest planets — Jupiter and Saturn — making off-kilter and jarring, 150-degree links back to their natal placements (simultaneously) is another major reason why she is fighting for her life now and why someone might attack her (as Rep. Giffords was seen as a major enemy in public office by Tea Party figures).

She is born with a very close Mars-Uranus square (where Mars is wedged right in between the USA Venus and Jupiter placements). In the last year, she experienced Transiting Pluto (extremes) opposing her Mars and squaring her Uranus exactly as she ran and won in a fierce congressional contest against a Tea-Party allied opponent. Mars-Uranus in a discordant aspect — in the chart of a prominent national figure — sometimes leads to violent acts against them, including assassination attempts.

Notice as well that she is born with Venus at 20+ degrees of Cancer (united with the Heliocentric Orbit of Pluto) and Ceres at 20+ degrees of Aries (united with America’s Natal Chiron replacement) almost exactly square — plus Venus and Juno are close to a square. Therefore, she will not always gain support from women voters, and — inwardly — she probably has had to deal with many upheavals in her philosophy of life and socio-political views from the feminine perspective. Apparently, Sarah Palin put her into her “cross hairs of a target imagery” as being an opponent that the Tea Partyers needed to “remove from office.” Here we see the feminine-feminine rivalry that Rep. Giffords undoubtedly emanated psychically to society via her birthchart clashes among the female/goddess archetypes. However, for Sarah Palin to use gun-images in her opposition to candidates she doesn’t agree with is to severely tamper with the fragile psyche of kooks and lunatics who go out with actual guns to do harm to political adversaries.

It is also noteworthy that the Transiting Moon in Pisces was almost exactly on her Natal North Lunar Node. This only occurs for a couple of hours every 28 days. Both the Lunar Node and the Moon itself are related — especially in Mundane or National Astrology — to the Public, Mass Consciousness, and Fate-Destiny forces at work.

Since Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is a governmental figure, it is appropriate to check out transits happening relative to America’s birthchart (using July 4, 1776; 4:47pm; Philadelphia, PA). The main cycles going on right now are: Transiting Moon this morning within 1 degree of the only stationary body in the U.S. chart — Ceres** — in Pisces (Ceres = mothering; nurturing; mother-daughter relationships; care-giving; land-agriculture-food-diet-nutrition); Transiting Pluto in Capricorn about to oppose America’s Jupiter in Cancer three times in 2011 (something that has never happened before in our country’s history); Transiting Mars in Capricorn exactly opposite America’s Mercury in Cancer; Transiting Neptune in a union with America’s Moon-Pallas conjunction in Aquarius (symbolizing this confused-chaotic individual striking out against a prominent female figure in our nation). **Be aware that Ceres is the main ruling body of Food and this tragedy occurred outside a Safeway supermarket.

As events unfold, I will add to this story, but for the moment, click on the following weblink to view a Bi-Wheel where Gabrielle Giffords’s Natal Chart is the Inner Ring and today’s Transits are the Outer Ring:

P.S. The state of Arizona joined the Union on February 14, 1912 with the asteroid Vesta at 27+ degrees of Leo. This placement is conjunct the Vesta for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords within 1 degree. This reveals an even greater connection between this asteroid and its meanings with the Congresswoman. In addition, Arizona entered the Union with the Sun at 25 Aquarius opposite Vesta at 28 Leo. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — born with the Sun at 17 Gemini — was just experiencing Transiting Vesta at 20 Sagittarius opposite her Sun. Thus, she was having the same alignment via a transit — with the exact same orb — as Arizona has permanently.

Addition on January 9: The Federal Judge killed — John M. Roll — was born on February 8, 1947 and has numerous astrological ties to the U.S. birthchart from July 4, 1776. His Lunar North Node — 8+ Gemini — was right on America’s Uranus, and his natal Uranus — 17 Gemini — was exactly united with the Sun placement for Rep. Giffords. Uranus — when negative — is associated with shock waves, overthrows of the natural order, and out-of-left-field breakdowns. He had just attended a mass and — on the spur of the moment — decided to stop by the Safeway store where the Congresswoman was having her meet-and-greet interaction with the public. The 9-year-old girl killed — Christina Green — was born Sept. 11, 2001, an historic tragedy which speaks for itself.

Synchronistic Oddities: It turns out that the husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords – astronaut and naval officer Mark Kelly – is a twin of Scott Kelly, now on board the International Space Station. The Kelly brothers were born in the Sun-sign of the Twin Fish (Pisces) on Feb. 21, 1964 when the Sun and Mars were very close together (a symbol of potential volatility, violence and/or bloodshed over the long run).

Will you be shocked to also know that Mark Kelly is born with a Gemini Moon – united with the Gemini Sun of Gabrielle Giffords and, of course, Gemini is actually called “The Twins” very often?

When I first wrote the feature, I focused enormous attention on the Congresswoman’s natal Vesta a 26+ degrees of Leo – revealing it to be at the exact midpoint of her Mercury-Neptune opposition. All together those three celestial bodies at her birth create a super-strong T-Square Triangle wherein Transiting Neptune is now at the 4th point in the zodiac (27 Aquarius) – creating a temporary and yet critical Grand Cross in Fixed Power Signs.

Now add on this confirmation of the importance of Vesta, the T-Square and the Grand Cross since Mark Kelly has his natal Saturn at 27 Aquarius (precisely fulfilling the Congresswoman’s natal Grand Cross) and Mark Kelly is also born with his Vesta at 27 Capricorn – exactly in an off-kilter, 150-degree link to his wife’s natal Vesta at 27 Leo.

Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly were married on November 10, 2007 – the day after a New Moon in Scorpio and while the Moon was probably void-of-course, late in Scorpio, and very close to Gabrielle’s natal Neptune – which just happens to be conjunct President Obama’s void-of-course Moon when he took the Oath of Office on January 20, 2009.

It is now being reported on January 9, 2011 that – from papers seized at the suspected assailant’s residence – Jared Lee Loughner had planned to assassinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. This also confirms what I wrote without this knowledge that he was already consumed with an obsession, and that the potent transits of the Moon Rising and Vesta overhead at the approximate time of the attack revealed his hatred against a prominent, public, female politician representing the government of the United States. A temporary posting on Wikipedia tonight shows that Loughner was born in September 1988, but no date is yet given. Nevertheless, it is significant that there was an Annular Solar Eclipse (just as potent as a Total Solar Eclipse) on September 11 of that year.

Confirmation of Birthday of Jared Loughner? I have before me page 4A of the Monday January 10 edition of USA Today. In an article by Jack Gillum and Peter Eisler, they say — in relation to Loughner — “On Sept, 9, 2007, the day before his 19th birthday, he was arrested in Pima County for possession of drug paraphernalia.” If the journalists are accurate, then Loughner was born on Sept. 10, 1988 — the day before the Annular Solar Eclipse that I mentioned in the paragraph above. If this is true, it is very significant as that means Jared Loughner’s Sun in Virgo was in a nearly exact square to the Sun in Gemini for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. I continue looking for clear documentation of the assailant’s month-day-year of birth.

Now view a chart for a more exact timing of the Attack in Tucson. Click on the following link to see a Color Wheel:


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  1. I enjoyed your article. What I find truly interesting from an astrological stand point is the birthday info of the 9yr old little girl who was killed during this tragedy. Her father stated on CNN that she was born on Sept 11..”born during a tragedy and she died during


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