President Obama’s Jupiter & Ceres Progressed Stations

Even with Mercury retrograde and a recent Democrat disaster at the mid-term elections in early November, President Obama managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat during this lame-duck session of Congress.

To the surprise of many pundits, he — with the help of Vice-President Biden and key members of Congress on both sides of the aisle – were able to overturn the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell restriction (concerning gays and lesbians in the armed forces) from the past 17-years regarding military service, as well as pass the bill providing special health care for the first responders at the 9/11 disaster and to pass another bill helping America and Russia reduce our stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

Thus, this historic week of December 20 to 25, 2010 could go down as the brightest in the President’s first term of office. Where is the evidence of this great achievement relative to President Obama’s birthchart and cycles?

This may surprise you, but the current success has virtually nothing to do with his ongoing transits — although Jupiter at 25 Pisces just made a union with his natal Pallas last week (gift for problem-solving and strategizing) and formed a highly-supportive, 60-degree sextile to his natal Saturn all of this week (revealing his unique abilities as a behind-the-scenes mover-and-shaker, when it really counts).

The real power giving him history-making achievements this week is coming from two exceedingly rare — and simultaneous — stations in his Progressed chart.

In what is known as Secondary Progressions — where each day after birth is equal to one year of life — his Progressed Jupiter finally turned direct (stationing on Monday Dec. 20 at 28 Capricorn) while his Progressed Ceres finally turned retrograde (stationing on Wednesday Dec. 22 at 27 Taurus). [By the way, these stations are in a flowing trine of 120-degrees to one another, and the Jupiter station is right on America’s natal Pluto (extreme governmental and political power) from July 4, 1776.]

President Obama — whose chart can be seen by clicking on a weblink at the end of this story — was born when the largest planet (Jupiter), symbolizing good fortune, providence, expansion of consciousness and golden opportunities, was moving retrograde at the first degree of Aquarius. It was also located in his twelfth house — a placement in any chart that sometimes indicates an inability to manifest practical, worldly achievements, unless the individual backs up mundane efforts with spiritual willpower and intuitive genius.

But right on schedule — during this amazing week of accolades for our Commander-in-Chief — he experiences Jupiter gaining extra potency in his life, right when he needs its kingly vibrations the most. Remember, too, that America is born with a very prominent Jupiter (about to be hit by transiting Pluto three times via opposition in 2011). Jupiter rules America’s birthchart since our nation has Sagittarius Rising (using a birth time of 4:47pm EST on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA).

Meanwhile, on Dec, 22, 2010 — the key date this week with so much of the fanfare, signings and agreements going on — President Obama receives the blessings of Ceres gaining extra potency in his life on top of the Jupiter gifts. Ceres is particularly related to heightened productivity when it is working well, and the only stationary body at America’s birth was Ceres! And now here we have President Obama experiencing a very rare Progressed Ceres station at his highest moment so far in the Oval Office.

The bottom line here is that if you are not watching your progressions — and there are several techniques to consider using — you may be missing an enormous part of your earthly opportunities, plus your emotional-psychic-spiritual unfoldment as a soul-spirit infused personality traveling aboard Spaceship Earth.

And let’s not forget this — to all of you who think Mercury Retrograde is negative — the accomplishments going on now all happened under Mercury Rx, and Mercury was in reverse when America was born on July 4, 1776.

Click on the following weblink to see President Obama’s birthchart. Notice that his natal Jupiter is in the twelfth house while his natal Ceres is in his third house. Many Blessings and Happy Holidays…Mark


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