Julian Assange: Cyber-Anarchist or Heroic Whistleblower & Internet Freedom-Fighter?

One of the most watched individuals on Planet Earth right now — Julian Assange (born July 3, 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia — Sunrise type chart in a clickable weblink is at the close of this story) — is in a British jail, waiting to see if he might be extradited to Sweden to deal with rape allegations. Meanwhile, his organization WikiLeaks is thriving in the counter-cultural universe that has been magnified in recent years by the world wide web and high-tech wizardry. A new group — known as Anonymous — has been master-minding temporary shut-downs of prominent credit-card taking websites (Master & Visa Card, PayPal, Amazon.com) in recent days.

Julian Assange’s birthchart shows an enormous tie-in to America’s national chart from July 4, 1776 — which explains his large-scale exposes of Pentagon and State Department cables having to do primarily with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. His Sun is very close to America’s Sun – as is the case with his Mercury and America’s Mercury (just 1 degree apart). With his Sun almost exactly square to rebel-leader and revolutionary-agent Uranus, it is no wonder he is carving out the kind of eccentric and eclectic “career” he has chosen as a nomadic genius bent on reforming governmental secrecy – particularly when that secrecy perpetuates wars, bloodshed and international chaos.


Notice that his Scorpio Moon (relentless drive; lone-wolf type personality vibes) is in between Uranus and Jupiter – and those two planets are in a three-fold union in 2010-2011, representing a shockwave (Uranus) moving through the multi-media (Uranus) on an enormous level (Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system).


While he is on the verge of experiencing transiting Neptune square his natal Neptune (within 2 years) and transiting Uranus opposite his natal Uranus (within 2+ years) – the so-called “Mid-Life Crisis that everyone goes through at ages 40 – 42 – his Secondary Progressions are telling an even bigger story.


At age 8, his mother remarried and his family life became uprooted – exactly as his Progressed Mars in Aquarius made a station and began a 61-year retrograde cycle that will last for the bulk of his lifetime. This progressed station alone – Mars (warrior) in Aquarius (global & high-tech connections) turning retrograde (being an iconoclast and rebel) – has influenced Assange enormously. He was a prominent hacker as a teenager in Australia – gaining recognition in the media as well as the attention of police officials.


In 2009, his Progressed Sun in Leo exactly opposed his Progressed and Retrograde Mars in Aquarius – a kind of “Full Moon Enlightenment” of his rebellious Martial/Aquarius nature. Remember that Mars equates with warfare, and Assange’s claim-to-fame is primarily due to his releasing thousands of classified/secret Pentagon and State Department cables concerning the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.


In the next two years, his Secondary Progressed Mercury will station in Virgo and then begin 24 years of retrograding motion while his Secondary Progression Neptune will station in Sagittarius and go direct for the rest of his life. To have nearly two simultaneous progressed stations – especially of a personal planet like Mercury and a far-out planet like Neptune – is to potentially throw his life and work into tremendous upheavals and nebulosity.


When you combine his upcoming Mid-Life Crisis time-period (age 40 to 42) with the immense energy about to come through with Progressed Mercury and Neptune stations and shifts, you wonder what will happen with Julian Assange in the court of world opinion.


For all the underdogs and rebels “with or without a cause” out there, Assange appears as a leader, champion and hero. But – remember – even a few underdogs and rebels have to process credit card orders on the web! So, if Assange, WikiLeaks and Anonymous go too far in their cyber-attacks, there could be condemnation from recent supporters like Daniel Ellsberg – the man who released The Pentagon Papers back in June 1971 to The New York Times, a different revolution in whistleblowing (about the Vietnam War) during the Nixon Administration.


Given awards by Amnesty International and other prominent and respected organizations around the world, the efforts by Julian Assange and those by his supporters are now rocking the security realm of American diplomacy and Corporate Elitism. Please click below to view the Sunrise-type birthchart for Assange. When you click on the weblink below you will be temporarily connected to my own astrology website where the chart image resides:


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