The President’s Basketball Accident Helps Verify His Chart

Close to 11am on Friday morning Nov. 26 — while at Fort McNair (soldiers are ruled by Mars) and playing basketball (sports & athletics = Mars) — President Obama suffered a bloody lip (blood is ruled by Mars & the face in medical astrology is connected to Aries, ruled by Mars) — requiring 12 stitches.

He had been elbowed by an opposing player. Any kind of surgical procedure is under the rulership of Mars — particularly in its traditional rapport with Scorpio (sign of surgeons). Accidental injuries are especially associated with the red planet.

So, the question is: With all this Mars-related activity happening on that morning, what was going on transit-wise concerning President Obama’s birthchart?

While the “Birthers” want to believe the president was actually born in Kenya (and they keep trying to prove this in a variety of ways), there is ample evidence that Barack Obama was actually born in Honolulu, HI on Aug. 4, 1961 at 7:24pm — as indicated on his Hawaiian “short-form” birth certificate.

Nevertheless, ignoring the place-of-birth controversy for the moment, the point is that on Friday Nov. 26 transiting Mars reached 21+ degrees of Sagittarius — exactly opposite America’s Mars from July 4, 1776 (21+ degrees of Gemini) and within 1 degree of squaring President Obama’s Mars (22+ degrees of Virgo).

The actual news reports of the president’s bloody lip didn’t really reach most of America until the end of Black Friday and into the weekend of Nov. 27 – 28. By Saturday Nov. 27 — within the first 24 hours of the president’s encounter with an opponent’s elbow — Mars in the sky was exactly square to his natal Mars, which — by the way — is also right on America’s Neptune from July 4, 1776.

A huge reason President Obama is being attacked relentlessly by Republicans, Conservatives, Tea-Partyers and even Leftwing Democrats is that his natal Mars is in a crossfire between one of the most volatile alignments existing in America’s birthchart — our very close national square from Mars at 21+ Gemini to Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

This also brings in the conflict, confusion and chaos of a Democratic leader supporting the long war in Afghanistan since the USA Mars-Neptune square can easily signify confusion/chaos (Neptune) over our military/warfare (Mars) policies and behavior.

Some of the “Birthers” — who deny that the president was born in America — also believe he may not have been born on August 4, 1961. Clearly — using this latest basketball mishap involving our nation’s leader — the president was born on August 4, 1961.[Note: By moving back the time of the accident about 10 minutes, to 10:50am, the rising degree at the basketball game would have been 26 Capricorn — the degree of the president’s natal Saturn in his 12th house, whose ancient meaning was “Self-Undoing.”]

The transit of Mars square to the president’s natal Mars was the major alignment going on in his life during those few days. The only other significant happening was that the transiting Sun at 4+ Sagittarius created a temporary Mutable Cross formation — involving the president’s natal Moon in early Gemini, Pluto in early Virgo, and Chiron in early Pisces. The creation of this temporary “crucifixion” in the president’s birthchart involves speed and movement (his Gemini Moon), an intense/extreme happening (his Pluto in Virgo), the need for healing wounds and pains (his Chiron in Pisces) — all being catalyzed by the solar life-force being active in the key sign of sports (Sagittarius).

In addition, to the actual bloody lip, many of us may want to speculate about the symbolism of such an event in the president’s life. Does it represent the recent licking he took in the midterm elections? Does it suggest the upcoming fight to take place with the Republican Congressional leadership? Perhaps both are correct.

As I often like to say, this is another prime example — through an athletic accident — of Astrology in Action.

Important Postscript: In the president’s Progressed Chart (progressions are more related to one’s emotional, psychic and spiritual evolution in this lifetime), his Sun has just entered Libra for a 30-year cycle, Jupiter (connected to good fortune, providence and expansion of consciousness) is poised to become direct/forward for the first time in his life (Dec. 20, 2010) while the largest asteroid Ceres (linked to productivity and nurturing-maternal expression) is due to make a station and turn retrograde just two days later. His diplomatic battles (connected to his natal Juno being stationary at 0+ degrees of Aries) — at home and abroad — are about to be raised to a very high-level in the next few months as his Progressed Sun forms a precise opposition to his natal Juno, representing either a renewed empowerment by the president in his dealings with primary partners or a major weakening/setback because he becomes dis-empowered.


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