Korean Conflict, Saturn & Neptune

I was going to explain the tarot reading I did last Thursday in this short piece, but instead want to make a few remarks about the renewed hostilities between the two Korean nations.

We have transiting Saturn now in Libra — the same sign it was in 58 to 59 years ago during The Korean War. Saturn has an orbit of 29+ years, and that war was never resolved — only a shaky peace going on across the dividing line between North & South Korea during the last six decades. [America has over 25,000 troops still on active duty in South Korea.]

Saturn has much to do with chronic problems, old karma and fears. Just as Saturn is returning at this time to where it was during The Korean War, America is on the verge of experiencing its 8th Saturn Return — starting on December 3, 2010, and continuing on March 22, 2011 and Aug. 28, 2011.

Even though America experienced the terror of Sept. 11, 2001 and there have been the Iraq and Afghanistan war theaters during the past 9 years, the world has not had to deal with a major geo-political crisis in a long time. Were the two Koreas to go to war again or were the troubling situation in Pakistan-India (over Kashmir) to turn dire or were the Middle East to become another hot-zone, then this Saturn Return cycle for America could turn exceedingly difficult and depressing — socially, economically, and in terms of our governmental stability.

China (its modern birth on Oct. 1, 1949) has its natal Neptune in Libra — at the same degree as America’s Saturn (15 Libra). In addition, when the Korean War began on June 25, 1950, Neptune had just made a potent station (on that day!) along with giant Jupiter. To have two celestial bodies — simultaneously make stations — is to enhance the magnitude of whatever was “born” at that time. It was during The Korean War that America almost engaged “Red China” (led by Mao) in a new world war that might have brought the Russians into the picture with their new-found atomic capacities beginning to mirror our own from 1945.

Now, in 2010, America and China are playing a constant chess game of geo-political-financial warfare. And Saturn is “testing” both nations — as it returns in America’s chart from July 4, 1776 while uniting with Neptune in China’s birthmap from Oct. 1, 1949. The fact that our Saturn is conjunct the Chinese Neptune is why our two nations have such a difficult time being straight-forward and simple friends. The Saturn-Neptune linkage ignites suspicions as well as recessed worries. And oddly enough all of this is occurring as Neptune (discovered on Sept. 23, 1846 at 26 Aquarius united with Saturn at the time) has been returning to its discovery placement 4 times in 2009-2010.

The two Koreas are simply pawns for America (South Korea) and China (North Korea), but they are potentially deadly pawns in a military showdown that has horrific nuclear ramifications — if we are not careful. All of this may become a crucial issue for President Obama to reveal his diplomatic skills (via his natal stationary Juno at the Zero Point of the Zodiac, 0 degrees Aries). Note: Transiting Uranus (representing high-level breakthrough in consciousness or a nerve-racking breakdown in communications) is about to make its first-ever unions with President Obama’s natal Juno in March, November and December 2011. He may be pushed into finally becoming the Global Peacemaker that the Noble Committee foisted upon him last year when they gave him their illustrious Peace Prize. Will he live up to his higher calling and will his natal Juno be up to the task?

The reason gold went up in price quite a bit today (Nov. 23) while the DJIA & NYSE went down quite a bit is that a geo-political crisis in the Koreas (plus Ireland needing to be bailed out by Europe) wreaked havoc in financial markets. Venus as a “morning star” (rising ahead of the Sun each dawn) until August 16, 2011 is a main indicator — in general — of a bullish tone to the stock market and to commodities. However, with America having 3 phases of its 8th Saturn Return in late 2010 and throughout the first 8 months of 2011, and transiting Pluto about to oppose America’s natal Jupiter three times in 2011, we have several challenging cosmic signatures that could lead us into dangerous waters in the months ahead.

Keep tuned to this astrological blog-channel to learn more about how the planets, signs and cosmic alignments are impinging on our lives on Spaceship Earth.



  1. Mark,
    Thanks for the new blog! I just read your comments on the latest situation (Korea, Ireland, etc). It helps to get your thoughts about this. These are indeed “interesting” times.
    Please keep up the good work, we appreciate it!


  2. Dane Rudhyar’s Astrological Mandala for 15 degrees Libra mirrors your theme of Saturn return . A reoccuring cycle played out over time till it is resolved .Saturn is the teacher and the testor . Please continue this blog . I enjoy your insightful commentary to our world.


  3. “However, with America having 3 phases of its 8th Saturn Return in late 2010 and throughout the first 8 months of 2011, and transiting Pluto about to oppose America’s natal Jupiter three times in 2011, we have several challenging cosmic signatures that could lead us into dangerous waters in the months ahead.”

    Would you please clarify your comment. Does the above nullify your previous bullish comment about Venus as a morning star’s impact on stocks and commodity, or do you mean while the general trend will be bullish until August, there will be erratic periods of ups and downs during this period?

    Thank you for your new blog. It will be a must read for me. I for one appreciate your service.


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