An Hour After First Blog

Creating a good theme, adding a picture, providing the link to Twitter, indicating name and website, all of this has occurred within the first hour of creating a blog at

At first, there was confusion because I needed to activate my account via my email — and that wasn’t 100% clear from the instructions. However, once I made that leap, the rest has been pretty fascinating.

I want this place to be where I can be more personal, casual and user-friendly with the public.

For example, here is something I would never share on Earth Aquarius News — which I publish on the web. On Thursday afternoon Nov. 18 — when Jupiter & Venus shifted from reverse to direct, starting powerful and dynamic energy-fields into the future — I decided to take out the main tarot deck I bought in Manhattan in October 1976, just before traveling to and joining the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland.

I had purchased this deck — the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini — because of its eclectic and unusual art work. More important was that I bought the deck on the one day every year when the transiting Sun was on my natal Neptune.

What I didn’t realize at that time was how mystical and evocative the deck would become over the years. The tarot readings I did brought through high-level revelations, insights and inspirations. I even did many readings for one of the founders of Findhorn — Eileen Caddy. Years later — back in NYC — I called David Palladini, went to his home, and did a reading for him (the designer of the cards themselves!) and he was shocked to realize the inspirational capacity of the deck.

Well, I have not been working with the deck for a long time, and something prompted me to take out the cards, shuffle them a lot, and do a 5-card reading. 1, 2 and 3 representing past, present and future. 4 representing a higherarchical influence and the #5 card connecting back to all the other, un-chosen cards in the deck.

The reading came out as follows: The High Priestess, The Queen of Cups, The Magician, The King of Swords, and The Sun.

In my next blog posting, I will tell you what this means to me — as part of my purpose in doing the tarot session was to understand what I ought to be doing in the near-future….

Many Blessings to all of you for the coming Thanksgiving holiday…Mark


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